6th Symposium 2022

The Centre for Risk, Integrity and Safety Engineering (C-RISE), in collaboration with Mary Kay O’Connor (MKO), will hold its 6th Symposium (C-RISE 6) on Safety and Integrity Management at Texas A&M Hotel and Conference Centre, College Station, Texas. The main in-person event will be held from October 5-7, 2022.

As part of this year’s conference, an opening event has been arranged in St. John’s, NL. This event will take place at Memorial’s Signal Hill Conference Centre on October 5 from 4:30-6:30 pm and will also be available online. It will feature the Dr. Charles Edward Smith Memorial Lecture with technical talks from industry and academia on Dr. Smith’s primary research areas of asset integrity management and corrosion control. A networking event will follow from 630-730 pm.

Watch the C-RISE 6 Opening Event at Signal Hill Conference Centre 



C-RISE welcomes this opportunity to host its 6th Symposium to an in-person audience as we continue to be motivated by the success of our last five conferences. Join more than 500 researchers, academia and industry representatives from around the world to share the latest innovations and developments in process safety.

The 2022 MKO Conference will consist of 4 symposia:

 6th C-RISE Safety and Integrity Management Symposium

  • Risk assessment, risk management, dynamic risk, risk tolerance, operational risk
  • Asset integrity, maintenance, reliability, risk-based inspection, risk-based maintenance
  • Material failure, corrosion, fault detection, fault diagnosis
  • Resilience, sustainability, natural hazards

 25th Process Safety International Symposium

  • Inherent safety, reactive chemicals, energy system safety, hydrogen safety
  • PHA, PSM, layer of protection, incident data, incident investigation, case studies
  • Safety culture, human factors, leadership, competency, operational excellence
  • Consequence analysis, flammability, fire and explosion, LNG, facility siting

 77th Instrumentation and Automation Symposium

  • Instrumented Safeguards, alarm management, functional safety
  • Process control, monitoring system, control system migration, process simulation
  • Digitalization, AI applications, smart manufacturing, real-time monitoring and operation
  • Cyber-physical system, cybersecurity, autonomous system, integration of safety and security

 1st Ocean Energy Safety Symposium

  • Barrier management, well control, early kick detection, well flow modeling
  • Spill prevention and mitigation, impact of harsh environment
  • Safety of ocean energy systems, ROV and AUV operation
  • Marine safety, safety in wind operation, safety in wave operation


For general questions about the 2022 MKO Conference, visit https://mkosymposium.tamu.edu/ or email: mkopsc@tamu.edu

For general information, email: crise@mun.ca