Md. Tanjin Amin, M.Eng. 216-2017. Research: Process Control, Safety and Reliability. 

Abdul Aziz, M. Eng, 2014-2017, and Research Project Engineering (2017-2017). Research: Introducing ontology-based framework for dynamic hazard identification. Currently: Process Engineering Consultant (Projects), Automize Engineering, Calgary, AB.

Javad Hashemi, PhD, 2012-2016, Postdoctoral Fellow/Sessional Instructor (2017). Reseach: Process Safety, Microbial Corrosion. 

Mawuli K. Afenyo, PhD,2014-2017 . Research: Developing a fate and transport model of oil spills during Arctic shipping.

Munzarin Morshed, M.Eng, 2015-2017. Research: Experimental Investigation of Multiphase flow Metering.

Hanwen Liu, M.Eng, 2015-2017. Research: Revised Burst Model for Pipeline Integrity Assessment. 

Khaled Alnabhani, PhD, 2014-2017. Research: Risk Assessment and Management of Technologically Enhanced Naturally Occurring Nuclear Radioactive Material in the Oil & Gas Industry.

Susan Caines, PhD, 2012-2016. Research: Development of Simplified Electrochemical Noise Method to Monitor Assets Under Insulation.

Sina Khakzad Rostami, M. Eng, 2012-2014. Research: Risk-based life cycle analysis of process systems.

Peiwei Xin, M. Eng, 2014-2016. Research: Design and Risk Assessment of floating process facilities.

Norafneeza Norazahar, PhD, 2012-2016. Research: Human Factors Risk Management for Evacuation in Offshore Installations.

Javad Hashemi, PhD, 2012-2016. Research: Risk-based early warning system design for critical operations.

Mark van Staalduinen, M.Eng, 2013-2016. Research: Dynamic credible accident scenario generation.

Muhammad Masum Jujuly, M. Eng, 2013-2016. Research: Risk based abnormal situation management of process facilities in harsh environment.

MD Rakibul Islam, M. Eng, 2014-2016. Research: Process Accident Modelling and Operational Risk Assessment.

Dinesh Herath, M. Eng, 2014-2016. Research: Hydrate formation in natural gas pipelines and Winterization requirements to avoid hydrate formation in North harsh environments.

Majeed Abimbola, PhD, 2012-2016. Research: Dynamic risk assessment and management of drilling operations.

Anirudh Nandan, M. Eng, 2013-2016. Rsearch: Automatic Control of Managed Pressure Drilling.

Hassan Gharahbagheri, M. Eng, 2013-2015. Research: Root cause diagnosis and consequence analysis of a process fault using Bayesian belief network.

Zhi Yuan, PhD, 2011-2015. Research: Dynamic Risk Analysis to Prevent and Mitigate Dust Explosions.

AFM Mursalin, M. Eng, 2012-2014. Research: Fault detection in rotating machines with variable load from vibration data using wavelet analysis combined with multiway PCA.

Dan Chen, M. Eng, 2012-2014. Research: Predictive accident modeling for highway transportation system using Bayesian Networks.

Pradeep Dalpatadu, M. Eng, 2012-2014. Research: Event based alarm system designing.

Junaid Hassan, M. Eng, 2011-2013. Research: Developing a probabilistic model for dust explosion likelihood assessment.

Mashrura Musharraf, M. Eng, 2011-2013. Research: Human factor risk assessment at offshore operations.

Mohammad Dadashzade, PhD, 2009-2013. Research: Consequence modeling for the risk-based design of process facilities.

Omid Zadakbar, PhD, 2009-2013. Research: dynamic risk assessment and fault detection in offshore process facilities.

Nima Khakzad, PhD, 2009-2012. Research: Probabilistic risk analysis of major natural – technological accidents.

Md. Musfiqur Rahman

Alan Hillier

Samith Rathnayaka, M. Eng, 2009-2011. Research: Predictive accident modeling and prevention.

Ming Yang, PhD, 2008-2011. Research: Risk-based environmental management system development for offshore oil and gas operation.