Mohammad Hizbul Bahar Arif

I am a PhD student in the department of Process Engineering at Memorial University, and am affiliated with C-RISE. My research focuses on “Rare event modeling in Engineering domain”, and is supervised by Dr. Faisal Khan, Dr. Syed Imtiaz and Dr. Salim Ahmed. My academic background includes an M.Sc. Computational Science (Memorial University, Canada), M.Sc. (Mathematics, Western University, Canada), M.Sc. (Mathematics, SUST, Bangladesh) and a B.Sc. (Mathematics, SUST, Bangladesh). Through my education I have developed vast academic and research knowledge in Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science and Physics. I have served (now in study leave) as an Assistant professor (Mathematics) in the department of Computer Science and Engineering at Metropolitan University, Bangladesh. I have taught Calculus, Linear algebra, Numerical analysis and Business Mathematics in Undergraduate level.

Research interests

Data Analysis, Statistical Modeling (frequentist and Bayesian approach), Machine learning.


  • “The Climate Generator: Stochastic climate representation for glacial cycle integration,” M.H.B. Arif, L. Tarasov, T. Hauser, Manuscript under review for journal Geosci. Model Dev,
  • “Characterization of Modular Join-semilattices,” R. Talukdar and M.H.B.Arif published in “Ganit,” Journal of Mathematical Society, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Contact info


Office: ER 4015, C-RISE, Memorial University, Canada.