Diploma in Environmental Humanities

If you are interested in environmental issues and ideas, then the Diploma in Environmental Humanities is a great opportunity for you. In recent years, scholars in the environmental humanities have argued that studying the environmental idea, politics, and culture are equally important to addressing environmental issues as the sciences. The Diploma in Environmental Humanities offers you a chance to study the environmental issues and ideas through a range of subjects including, philosophy, history, geography, religion, sociology and anthropology.

The diploma is a relatively brief program, comprised of 27 credit hours (or nine courses). It will serve as an excellent foundational program for BA students who are looking for an environmental focus in their degree, for BSc students who are interested in environmental issues, for professionals in NGOs and government who are looking to augment their knowledge of environmental issues, or for members of the general public interested in learning about the subject outside of a degree program. The diploma will be of interest to any students who wish to work in the broad field of environment after graduation.


Sample courses 

ANTH 3050 - Ecology and Culture
HIST 4220 - Indigenous Peoples and the Environment
PHIL 2130 - Environmental Ethics


Program Information

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences


St. John's

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27 credit hours (9 courses)

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