Diploma in creative writing

Department: English Faculty: Humanities and Social Sciences
Campus: St. John's Length: 8 courses (24 credit hours)
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The diploma in creative writing aims to develop students' skills in writing in a variety of genres conventionally described as “creative,” such as fiction, poetry, drama, and creative non-fiction. It will also offer you the opportunity to take, as options, courses that provide a background in contemporary literature in these genres. The overall aim of the program is to help you produce work that merits publication. To this end, the focus of the creative writing courses will be on the composition, critiquing, and editing of your own work, and, in both the creative writing and contemporary literature courses, on analyzing examples of excellent contemporary writing.

Interested students should note that admission to individual creative writing courses is competitive and administered via the portfolio system.


New Memorial students

Direct admission to this program is not available. Interested applicants who are not current Memorial University students should submit an undergraduate application for admission. In the application, select the Admission Category that matches your academic background (excluding Non-degree student, which does not lead to the awarding of a credential). Unless you wish to complete an additional program at Memorial, it is recommended that you select your Area of Interest as Unsure (Undergraduate) and Academic Program as Unsure Program – General Admission. General admission is subject to your meeting the general admission requirements for Memorial University, and does not guarantee admission to this program.

Current or admitted Memorial students

Please refer to the program website and contact the program director for more information.