Diploma in Ancient Worlds

The diploma in ancient worlds is designed for those who are interested in the study of the history, customs, and culture of the ancient world. The program’s objective is to offer students a representative breadth of knowledge about the ancient world. It is structured around introductory and advanced courses in archaeology, classics, history, philosophy and religious studies and promotes familiarity with at least three disciplines among the five offered. The program also includes a field school course to be chosen from two field schools offered by the Department of Archaeology. The core skills and competencies taught in the course of the program will prepare you for pursuing studies in a variety of interdisciplinary fields.


Sample courses

ARCH 2481 - Ancient Civilizations of the Americas
HIST 2042 - History of the Roman Empire
RELS 3600 - Ancient Myth and Cult


Program Information

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences




St. John's

Honours Option:


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27 credit hours (9 courses)

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