Joint Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Business Administration

Students pursuing joint degrees of bachelor of music and bachelor of business administration will normally take the following courses in their first year:

Business 1000Business 1600
Mathematics 1090 or 10001Economics 1010 or Mathematics 10001 (if not completed in fall)
Music 1005English 1090
Music 140AMusic 140B
Music 11072Music 1006
Music 11173Music 1108
Music 17004Music 1118
one credit hour chosen to meet ensemble credit requirementsone credit hour chosen to meet ensemble credit requirements
  1. Students who are required to take Mathematics 1090 prior to Mathematics 1000 should complete Mathematics 1090 in Term 1, Mathematics 1000 in place of Economics 1010 in Term 2, and Economics 1010 in Term 4.
  2. Prerequisite: Successful completion of the theory placement test. If unsuccessful, students should register for Music 1120 in preparation for retaking the test. Co-requisite: Music 1117
  3. Prerequisite: Successful completion of the theory placement and aural skills tests. Co-requisite: Music 1107
  4. Music technology will give students skills in Finale notation software and basic audio recording and editing. Students should be aware that they will be required to take a functional keyboard course in second year. Students who do not pass the piano proficiency entrance diagnostic are expected to take private lessons in piano at their own expense in their first year to qualify for Music 2401.

Students who wish to deviate from the above curriculum, including students who wish to complete online courses or courses in the spring semester, intersession, or summer session, should consult with an advisor in the Faculty of Business Administration or the School of Music to ensure they do not experience unforeseen delays in completing the joint degrees program.

Contact information

For assistance with course selection, contact the Academic Advising Centre.

For additional program information, visit the Faculty of Business Administration and School of Music, or contact Ashley Holloway or Dr. Ian Sutherland, respectively.


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