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School of Social Work Grants Facilitator

Dr. Trina Kirby-Butler is the grants facilitator for the School of Social Work. She has a BSc (hon), MSc (Biology), and PhD (Medicine) all from Memorial University of Newfoundland. She is currently the grants facilitator in the School of Social Work and School of Nursing.

Previous to joining the School of Social Work in 2015, she worked as a statistician for the Newfoundland and Labrador government.

The grants facilitator is a first point of contact and a communication liaison between School of Social Work researchers and administrators in the Office of the Vice-President Research, Research Grant and Contract Services (RGCS), and CREAIT, CRC and CFI Services (CCCS). The grants facilitator works with RGCS and CCCS to ensure researchers are appropriately educated on and familiar with university and sponsor policies, guidelines and deadlines.

The School of Social Work Grants Facilitator:

• Identifies funding opportunities aligned with the faculty’s program of research

• Provides a comprehensive review of letters of intent (LOI), grant proposals/applications and ethics applications

• Ensures that researchers are compliant with university and sponsor policies, procedures and eligibility guidelines

• Identifies signing authorities for applications as needed

• Develops and supports collaborative research initiatives

For further information, please contact:

Dr. Trina Kirby-Butler
Grants Facilitator, School of Social Work
Tel: (709) 864-3057 or


Memorial University of Newfoundland Research Policies

Funding Database compiled by staff in the Research Grant and Contract Services and CREAIT, CRC and CFI Services units

Memorial Researcher Portal
This is a web-based work tool for Ethics certifications such as the Interdisciplinary Committee on Ethics in Human Research (ICEHR) Health Research Ethics Board (HREB), and Grenfell Campus Research Ethics Board (GC-REB)

Tri-Council Policy Statement: Course on Research Ethics (TCPS 2: CORE)
A tutorial designed to introduce researchers, regardless of their discipline or methodology, to the TCPS 2 guidelines. All faculty, staff, and students must complete the TCPS 2: CORE prior to submitting a new application to ICEHR for review as a principal investigator, academic supervisor of student projects, and any other project team members who will have contact with human participants. Certificates of completion must be included with your application submission, or your application will be returned to you.

Institutional Signature Procedure within the School of Social Work

RGCS - General Authorization Form

School of Social Work – General Authorization Form





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