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Applications and Forms

Researchers must submit an electronic copy of their application, including any  supporting documents to You will receive our automatic email reply which confirms receipt of your application.

We do not accept hard copy applications. Please provide a hard copy of only Section D of the application form with original signatures to:

c/o Research Grant and Contract Services
Bruneau Centre for Research and Innovation
Memorial University of Newfoundland
St. John’s, NL A1C 5S7


*To avoid issues completing and viewing your submission, please open and complete PDF forms using Adobe Reader or Acrobat Pro and not a preview application (e.g.'Preview' on MacOSX), or in your internet browser*

 Note: You must have Adobe Reader XI (or higher) installed in order to save fillable forms to your computer.


Applications [*Updated Forms* - May 21, 2014]

  • Application 1A: To be completed by faculty and staff seeking ethics approval for research. 
  • Application 1B: To be completed by students and post-doctoral fellows seeking ethics approval for research.

Please note: If your research is health related, the HREA Notification Form must be completed and submitted to ICEHR with your application.

Please consult the new informed consent template prior to submitting your application.

Proposals are assigned file numbers in the order in which they are received. Do not submit your application to a Committee member or the Chair since this will delay the assignment of a file number, and thereby, also the processing of your application.

Researchers are required to submit applications to the Committee for ethics review at least four weeks before they intend to begin the research. Please be aware that incomplete or ethically controversial proposals may take longer than four weeks to be reviewed.

Please be advised that to accommodate vacations or other absences the review process may take up to six weeks. Applications received in the week prior to the December holiday period will be assigned for review in January.

Annual Updates

The TCPS2 requires that an Annual Update Form be submitted to ICEHR each year prior to the expiry of your ethics clearance.

If you plan to continue the project, request renewal of your ethics clearance and include a brief summary on the progress of the project.

If the project has been completed or terminated, and clearance is no longer required, request the file be closed and provide a brief final report.


If, during the course of your research project, you need to make changes that may give rise to ethical concerns, you must request an amendment to your approved protocol. The request for amendment must be reviewed and approved by ICEHR before proposed changes can be implemented. 

To request an amendment for your project, an Amendment Request Form must be completed and submitted to ICEHR ( from your institutional email address. Additionally, you must submit any relevant documents with proposed changes highlighted.