Social Work 7431

Quantitative Data Analysis

This course provides an in-depth understanding of quantitative data analysis.

Using an experiential approach, scholars will demonstrate competence in the use of SPSS and in interpretation of statistical measures and test commonly used in social work research.

Topics covered include: measures of central tendency and other descriptive statistics; analysis of variance; tests for statistical significance, both parametric and nonparametric; measures of association; measures of correlation; linear and logistic regression; and statistical methods for scale construction. A brief introduction to the construction of statistical models, using regression and Structural Equation Modeling, will be provided. Prerequisites: SCWK 7010 & SCWK 7020; successful demonstration of competence on standardized test of data analysis. Co-requisite: SCWK 7420 (Note: these courses are paired so that scholars can relate research designs to modes of data analysis.)