Field Instructors / Agency Mentors - SCWK 3300 Practicum #1 (Fall)

How To Become a Field Instructor
To provide field instruction to a BSW student, social workers must have completed a BSW or an MSW with 2 years post-BSW/MSW social work employment experience.

If you would like to host a BSW or MSW student on a field practicum in your agency or organization, please email to make arrangements for a field education coordinator to connect with you. 

Field Instructor Course for Social Workers
Please contact for details.



BSW Field Orientation for Field Instructor & Agency Mentors - First Practicum (SCWK 3300)

BSW Checklist for Field Instructors & Agency Mentors

BSW Field Education Manual 

Field Education Resource Manual (contact to request)

Significant Dates Fall 2023 (Fall 2023) 

Guide to Completing the Learning Contract SCWK 3300

Reflective and Reflexive Practice

CASWE-ACFTS Standards for Accreditation - Guiding Principles

CASWE-ACFTS Standards for Accreditation - Core Learning Objectives

CASWE-ACFTS Standards for Accreditation - Field Education


IPT (Intern Placement Tracking) Resources

BSW IPT Manual 

IPT Login Page

Tutorial Video: Getting Started with IPT 

Tutorial Video: Completing Forms in IPT 


Forms and Templates

Confirmation of Agreement form - BSW Fall 2023 

Confirmation of Agreement form (CSSD Only) - BSW Fall 2023

Field Instructor / Agency Mentor Information Form

BSW Student Self-Assessment Template

BSW Weekly Critical Reflection Template

Midterm Reflection

Consent for Recording


Forms and Resources (For Reference Only - Complete in IPT)

SCWK 3300 Learning Contract (1st Practicum)

Field Instructor Evaluation of BSW/MSW Field Practicum (if not available in IPT Profile)