Contact Information


For information and/or questions about ICEHR, ethics application requirements, and the review process please contact the ICEHR office.


Office: IIC-2010C (Bruneau Centre for Research and Innovation) 

Main Office Hours: 8:30-4:30 M-F (June-August: 8:30-4:00) 

Chair's Office: By appointment


ICEHR Office Staff 

Theresa Heath, Ethics Officer
Phone: 864-2861

Bradley Cooper, Coordinator
Phone: 864-4040

Debby Gulliver, Secretary
Phone: 864-2561


Committee Members

Dr. Jamie Drover
Faculty of Science (Psychology)

Dr. Alyson Byrne
Faculty of Business Administration

Dr. Jennifer Flynn
Faculty of Medicine (Community Health & Humanities)

Faculty of Business Administration
Dr. Gordon Cooke

Faculty of Education
Dr. Sharon Penney
Dr. Jackie Hesson

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Dr. Daniel Peretti (Folklore)
Mr. Keif Godbout-Kinney (Sociology)

Faculty of Science
Dr. Chris Quinn-Nilas (Psychology)
Dr. Heath Matheson (Psychology)

School of Human Kinetics and Recreation
Dr. Kim Cullen
Dr. Jeannette Byrne

Community Representatives
Dr. Raymond Critch, McInnes Cooper
Ms. Janelle Skeard, College of the North Atlantic
Dr. Jennifer Smith, Faculty of Engineering