Additional Resources

Guidelines for research involving Aboriginal communities in Newfoundland and Labrador [PDF]

  • This document is designed to assist researchers with the process of engaging in research with Aboriginal communities of Newfoundland and Labrador (NL). 

Putting Women First: Ethical and Safety Recommendations for Research on Domestic Violence Against Women (World Health Organization) [PDF]

  • These recommendations were developed for WHO from those prepared for the World Health Organization Multi-Country Study on Women’s Health and Domestic Violence by Charlotte Watts, Lori Heise, Mary Ellsberg and Claudia Garcia Moreno. They build on the collective experiences of the International Research Network on Violence Against Women. 

Considerations for Inclusive language 

  • A Two-Question Method for Assessing Gender Categories in the Social and Medical Sciences. (2012) Authors: Charlotte Chuck Tate , Jay N. Ledbetter & Cris P. Youssef; Published in: Journal of Sex Research [Link]
  • Rainbow Health Ontario fact sheet. An overview of issues to consider when developing study measures.  [PDF]

Screening Tool for Determining the Appropriate Route for Ethics Review [A Project Ethics Community Consensus Initiative (ARECCI)]

  • Determine the level of risk for project participants and appropriate ethics review requirements by using the ARECCI screening tool.

Privacy Compliance Review

  • Memorial University's privacy policy requires that projects exempt from ethics review undergo a privacy compliance review if they are conducted by and/or on behalf of administrative units; and personal information will be used, collected, or disclosed.

This self-assessment questionnaire can be helpful in determining if privacy compliance review is required.

Recruitment Guidelines/Template [docxdocx]

  • Includes a sample initial contact script / invitation template to guide the creation of recruitment documents such as an invitation letter, email, or public advertisement.