Services Provided

In addition to the husbandry care of a large range of species, the staff of Animal Care Services is available to assist the research and teaching community.

Veterinary Services

  1. Research model development
  2. Protocol review in advance of submission for ethical review
  3. Surgical and procedural assistance
  4. Grant application review and editing
  5. Consultation with the international research animal community
  6. Clinical pathology and anatomy

Technical Services

  1. Breeding colony management
  2. Technical assistance for medical and surgical procedures
  3. Administering special diets or fluids
  4. Record-keeping and record management

Antibody Production and Genotyping

The veterinary team can coordinate genotyping, monoclonal and polyclonal antibody production with certified laboratories. Research programs with any amount of genotyping can benefit from the cost-effective, quality-controlled programs offered by commercial laboratories as additional time is available for independent research.


Consultations are available with Board-Certified research animal veterinary pathologists and other specialists in rodent pathology

Genetic Modelling and Breeding Colony Development

We can work with top-quality service providers to facilitate development of novel construct to study genetic diseases

Yucatan Mini-pigs in Biomedical Research

Memorial's Yucatan mini-pigs are prized as models of human disease. The smaller size and slower growth rate allow for translational medicine studies on a range of human diseases, both acquired and genetic