Research In Focus Series

Research in Focus was a four-part video series that featured the research aspirations for each of Memorial University’s faculties and campuses. 

The series aimed to unite students, staff, faculty members and university supporters in the collective goal of growing research that has a radical impact on shaping the future of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. 

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First Installment

  1. Fisheries & Marine Institute, featuring Mr. Glenn Blackwood
  2. Faculty of Medicine, featuring Dr. James Rourke
  3. Faculty of Engineering & Applied Science, featuring Dr. Greg Naterer
  4. Faculty of Education, featuring Dr. Kirk Anderson

Second Installment

  1. Faculty of Arts, featuring Dr. Lynne Phillips
  2. Labrador Institute, featuring Dr. Keith Chaulk
  3. Memorial University Libraries, featuring Lorraine Busby
  4. Faculty of Science, featuring Dr. Mark Abrahams

Third Installment

  1. School of Pharmacy, featuring Dr. Carlo Marra
  2. School of Music, featuring Dr. Ellen Waterman
  3. Faculty of Business Administration, featuring Dr. Wilfred Zerbe
  4. School of Nursing, featuring Dr. Alice Gaudine

Fourth Installment

  1. Grenfell Campus, featuring Dr. Antony Card
  2. School of Human Kinetics and Recreation, featuring Dr. Heather Carnahan
  3. School of Social Work, featuring Dr. Donna Hardy Cox.