ACENET Basics Seminar Series

Oct 4th, 2016

By Jeff Green

ACENET Basics Seminar Series

New users of ACENET-Compute Canada, and those considering using the organization's resources, are invited to attend the following sessions:

Session: Introduction to ACENET and the Unix Command Line
: Tuesday, Oct. 11
Time: 10 a.m. to noon
Location: Room C-2004, Chemistry-Physics Building, St. John's Campus 
Details: This session will cover the first two parts of ACENET’s Basics Training: Introduction to ACENET, and Introduction to the Unix Command Line. What is ACENET and what can it do for you? What hardware and software is available? How do you get an account? Once you’ve got an account, then what? How do you use a command line interface? For those new to ACENET. Laptop is required.

Session: Introduction to Shell Scripting and Job Management with Grid Engine
Date: Tuesday, Oct.11
Time: 1-3 p.m.
Location: Room C-2004, Chemistry-Physics Building, St. John's Campus 
Details: This session will cover the remaining two parts of ACENET’s Basics Training. The first hour will focus on shell scripting. Participants will learn how to exercise the power of the command line with shell scripting. In the second half, participants will be introduced to N1GE production job management software (Grid Engine). Learn how the job scheduler works, and how to make it efficiently manage and troubleshoot jobs on ACENET clusters. For those new to ACENET and have completed the Introduction to ACENET and the Unix Command Line session. Laptop is required.

There is no charge for the sessions.

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ACENET is a consortium of post-secondary institutions providing advanced research computing resources, expertise and training to researchers and students throughout Atlantic Canada. Advanced computing refers to needs that are beyond the capabilities of a desktop computer, including high performance, big data, GPU and cloud computing, storage and file transfer for terabytes of data.




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