Seeking feedback on Technology Transfer and Commercialization Strategy

Oct 2nd, 2015

Moira Baird

Seeking feedback on Technology Transfer and Commercialization Strategy

Memorial University’s Technology Transfer and Commercialization Strategy – formerly known as the Innovation Strategy – is available for a final round of feedback.

The deadline for feedback from all Memorial University campuses and external stakeholders is 5 p.m.  Thursday, Oct. 8.

The current document title “Memorial University’s Technology Transfer and Commercialization Strategy” reflects the feedback received during the open consultation period, which concluded in August, that the title “Innovation Strategy” was too broad. The revised title reflects the primary purpose of this initiative, which is to consider Memorial’s approach to technology transfer and commercialization following the restructuring of Genesis Inc. in July 2014.  

“The new draft document incorporates the hugely constructive feedback that we received during last summer’s public consultation, which was extended from six to eight weeks at our stakeholders’ request” said Dr. Richard Marceau, vice-president (research). “We look forward to receiving additional comments from our stakeholders on the revised document.”

Two versions of the draft document are available. One version (i.e., a “clean” version)incorporates the changes made to the document following the consultation process, while another (i.e., a “track changes” version) clearly identifies the changes made to the document. 

Initiated by Dr. Marceau, the development of the Technology Transfer and Commercialization Strategy began in September 2014 to examine Memorial’s performance on commercialization-related outcomes and to develop a strategy to support enhanced performance. Mr. Rick Meaney, director, Department of Technical Services, was appointed to manage the development of the plan in partnership with Dr. Ray Gosine, associate vice-president (research).

The first step was to review best practices and policies from select Canadian Universities. Following this, extensive consultations were undertaken with a wide range of stakeholders, including more than 100 industry associations, government agencies and industrial partners. Input was also requested from all faculties, schools and campuses of Memorial. 

During consultations, stakeholders clearly articulated a desire for Memorial to increase its contributions towards advancing the economy of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. Many forms of intellectual property (IP) can create value and, in addition to patented technology, there are opportunities to realize social and economic benefit from other forms of IP, for example, artistic works or knowledge created through research. Many aspects of this strategy will be supportive of research dissemination that does not involve technology or commercialization.

The Technology Transfer and Commercialization Strategy document has been prepared recommending that Memorial implement a detailed action plan aiming to:

  1. Foster a progressive culture of technology transfer and commercialization,
  2. Revise and implement its policies in support of technology transfer and commercialization,
  3. Establish responsive business structures and processes, and
  4. Ensure adequate oversight and guidance of its technology transfer and commercialization structures and processes.

Feedback will be accepted in confidence until Thursday, Oct. 8, at 5 p.m., via e-mail to or internal mail, Office of the Vice-President (Research), A2021, St. John’s campus.



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