Memorial in Labrador

Sep 23rd, 2013

by Meaghan Whelan

An Inukshuk in Labrador
Memorial in Labrador

To ensure Memorial is serving the public good throughout the province, the university is seeking to understand the current activities and future opportunities in Labrador within the context of the university’s three guiding frameworks: teaching and learning, public engagement and research. Ultimately, the goal is to strengthen the university’s engagement in Labrador.

The engagement of faculty and students in Labrador stretches back many years. The Labrador Institute of Northern Studies was established in 1979, and was renamed the Labrador Institute (LI) of Memorial University in 1997. Faculty and researchers at Memorial and the Labrador Institute have a strong tradition of public engagement. As Memorial University continues to enhance teaching and research initiatives and continues its engagement strategies, it’s necessary to consider how faculty and students are currently engaged in the region and what strengths and opportunities exist for Memorial to expand its activities in Labrador. 

“Memorial is fundamentally guided by the teaching and learning, research and public engagement frameworks, and this project is an opportunity to consider our activities in Labrador from each of these perspectives to develop a plan for the future,” said Dr. Gary Kachanoski, president and vice-chancellor of Memorial. “There is enormous potential for Memorial to serve the public good by strengthening and expanding our activities in Labrador.”

Dr. Rob Greenwood, executive director, Public Engagement and the Harris Centre, Dr. Richard Marceau, vice-president (research) and Dr. Keith Chaulk, director of the Labrador Institute, will work together to ensure the project brings together the university’s three frameworks while engaging faculty and students and creating opportunities for consultation.

The first step will be to review  the university’s current and recent teaching, research and public engagement initiatives and then generate a working paper based on the information found in the review.  The university community will be invited to provide feedback through consultation workshops before a final report is generated in late fall 2013. The report will outline the key themes to Memorial University’s current engagement in Labrador and potential opportunities for enhanced engagement in Labrador.




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