New policy for Canada Research Chair program

Jan 24th, 2013

Office of the Vice-President (Research)

New policy for Canada Research Chair program

The Board of Regents has approved a new policy related to the renewal, reallocation and reduction of Canada Research Chairs (CRCs) at Memorial University.

The CRC Program was established by the Government of Canada to enable Canadian universities to achieve the highest levels of research excellence.

"The CRC program has enabled Memorial to build its capacity and reputation in research by helping to recruit and retain outstanding scholars," said Dr. Christopher Loomis, vice-president (research). "It is important that we continue to deploy this strategic resource carefully, fairly and transparently."

The new policy provides a framework to optimize the effectiveness of the CRC program, and outlines the respective processes for the renewal, reallocation or reduction of CRC positions at Memorial University. The following summarizes key elements of the new policy:

Renewal: Both junior (Tier 2) and senior (Tier 1) chairs can be renewed for one additional term. While the federal CRC guidelines place no limit on the number of renewals for Tier 1 CRCs, only in exceptional circumstances where a compelling case exists will a senior CRC be nominated for renewal more than once. The timing and process to be followed when seeking renewal of a CRC are outlined in the new policy.

Reallocation: When a CRC becomes vacant, the chair is not automatically retained by the host unit. Rather, the vacated chair will be made available to all units for allocation through an internal competitive process. In the event that a current chair-holder resigns or retires during his or her first term, that CRC position will normally remain in the academic unit and thematic area to which it was originally assigned. Further details on the reallocation process are available in the official policy.

Reduction: Every two years, the CRC secretariat undertakes a review of the allocation of the national allotment of CRCs among all eligible institutions. Based on the pro rata share of Tri-Council funding (i.e., Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada and Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council) and any expansion in the number of eligible institutions, the secretariat may adjust the number of CRCs assigned to any eligible institution. For a given institution the number may increase, remain the same or be reduced. This policy addresses the process Memorial will follow in the event of a reduction.

All faculty members and staff involved in research administration are encouraged to review the policy for Reallocation, Renewal and Reduction of Canada Research Chairs (CRCs) at Memorial University.



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