Research in Focus: Nursing, Pharmacy, Music and Faculty of Business Administration

Mar 17th, 2015

Krista Davidson

Research in Focus: Nursing, Pharmacy, Music and Faculty of Business Administration

The third instalment of Research in Focus has been released. Research in Focus is a four-part video series that recognizes the research aspirations of each of Memorial’s campuses and faculties.

The third instalment features the deans of the Schools of Pharmacy, Nursing and Music and the Faculty of Business Administration. Each share their aspirations for growing research and the impact that will have on the province leading up to and beyond 2020. The goals for growth are part of Memorial’s Strategic Research Intensity Plan 2014-2020.

“Our mission is to provide world-class education, to provide research that is both rigorous and relevant and to engage in ways with the community to increase the social and economic wellbeing of the province,” said Dr. Wilf Zerbe, dean, Faculty of Business Administration.

Both the schools of Nursing and Pharmacy have pinpointed increased focus on research in their disciplines to improve patient health outcomes and provide valuable learning opportunities for the province’s future pharmacists and nurses.

The School of Music, which has built a prestigious reputation for acquiring talented and nationally renowned faculty, has promised to deliver a high standard of research that enriches the cultural and social value of our province through artistic and scholarly creation and output.

The Faculty of Business has outlined aggressive goals for growth that will include increased opportunities for both faculty and graduate students to engage in world-class research, providing valuable prospects for economic growth in the province.

Each of the videos address Memorial’s goals for growing research, as reflected in the Strategic Research Intensity Plan 2014-2020. The plan builds on the Research Strategy Framework to initiate a historic generational transformation of Memorial University’s ability to accelerate the production and dissemination of scholarly outcomes, as well as strengthen its capacity to compete successfully for grants from Canada and abroad; intensify its ability to supervise master and doctoral candidates; grow the pool of highly qualified human capital necessary for building Newfoundland and Labrador, and Canada; and enhance its capacity to address the research priorities of government, industry and society at large in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Students, staff and faculty members can view the series here. The fourth and final instalment will be released on March 30th and will feature the deans and heads of the schools of Social Work, Human Kinetics & Recreation and Grenfell Campus.