Dr. Octavia A. Dobre

Woman wearing floral dress and cardigan leans against railing.

Canada Research Chair in Ubiquitous Connectivity

Phone: 709-864-4045
Email: odobre@mun.ca

Research involves: Wireless communications and networking technologies, as well as optical and underwater communications.

Research relevance: This research will enable the technology society depends on to be properly developed and maintained to satisfy the growing demands of next-generation technology networks.

Next-generation networks

As the current generation of wireless networks is deployed around the world, new applications are emerging that will further transform our economy and society, imposing stringent requirements on wireless networks.

These requirements create challenges for wireless networks, which are not new, but are increasing at an unparalleled pace.

For almost two decades, Dr. Dobre and her research group have been at the forefront of communication technology development, creating various methods to satisfy the requirements of these next-generation networks.

As the tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Ubiquitous Connectivity, Dr. Dobre will create and develop a unique and vibrant research program at Memorial University, which will help provide solutions to these technical challenges.

Her goal is to create wireless networks without limitations that have the omnipresence to be all things to all people.

The impact of her research is fourfold: to advance communication technologies to support future services; to provide knowledge transfer to industry; to train highly qualified personnel; and to further place Memorial as a leader in the information and communication technology (ICT) field.

Dr. Dobre’s academic profile is available here.