Applications and Forms

All new applications and post-review activity, such as annual updates and amendment requests, must be submitted to ICEHR via the Memorial Researcher Portal. Applications and/or forms will not be accepted via email.



Application Forms

Memorial-affiliated researchers or external researchers who wish to conduct research involving Memorial faculty, staff, and/or students must apply to ICEHR for ethics review via the Memorial Researcher Portal.

There are 4 applications available in the Researcher Portal. If you are unsure which application to complete, or whether your project is eligible for one of the applications below please contact ICEHR before completing or submitting an application.

ICEHR reserves the right to return incorrectly submitted or incomplete applications to researchers. Ethics review will not proceed until the appropriate application and/or revisions have been received.


Application for Ethics Review

This is the general application for ethics review for research involving human participants by Memorial faculty, staff, and student research on the St. John’s campus*. Applications should be submitted at least four weeks before the intended start date for data collection. However, review may take up to six weeks during periods of high volume, or to accommodate holiday and/or vacation absences, or longer in the event of ethically controversial proposals.

Application for Ethics Review (Sub-Project)

Students who are working on a sub-portion of an already approved project as part of their dissertation, thesis, or other degree requirements may be eligible to complete the Application for Ethics Review (Sub-Project).

If a proposal submitted as a 'sub-project' is deemed too dissimilar from the larger project, ICEHR reserves the right to require the researcher to resubmit using the main application form.

Application for Ethics Review (Secondary Use of Data)

Researchers whose projects involve the secondary use of data which was originally collected for a purpose other than the proposed research purpose may be required to submit the Application for Ethics Review (Secondary Use of Data). Ethics review of this type of research is required if the original data was not collected anonymously and/or is not available in the public domain (Articles 2.2, 2.4, TCPS 2, 2014).

Application for Secondary Review

This application applies only to research which has already been reviewed and approved by another Canadian REB and seeks to recruit Memorial faculty, students, and/or staff as research participants. The principal investigator of the already approved project must submit this application to ICEHR along with the previously approved application and REB approval letter via the Researcher Portal as noted above.

A Memorial-affiliated researcher who is a team member on an already approved project may submit this application if they will be responsible for recruitment and data collection at Memorial.



TCPS 2: CORE Requirement

The TCPS 2: Course on Research Ethics (CORE) is an eight module tutorial designed to introduce researchers to the TCPS 2 guidelines. The guidance in the CORE tutorial is applicable to all research, regardless of discipline or methodology.

All faculty, staff, and students must complete the TCPS 2: CORE prior to submitting a new application to ICEHR for review as a principal investigator.

As of April 1, 2017, student applications must also include the academic supervisor's TCPS 2: CORE certificate.

Certificates of completion must be included with your application submission, or your application will be returned to you.

Also, if research assistants or other project team members will collect data with human participants, you will be required to provide their CORE certificate before ethics approval is granted.

CLICK HERE to login/register for the TCPS 2: CORE



Ethics Application Screening Tool

The interactive Ethics Application Screening Tool was developed to help guide researchers to the appropriate REB and application for ethics review. It is highly recommended that all researchers complete the tool prior to accessing an application form in the Researcher Portal. Please note that applications cannot be transferred between the different REBs if the incorrect application is selected; and that through the creation of the Researcher Portal, the various REBs have updated their processes and forms, and these changes may impact which application to complete.


Post-Review Event Forms

All event forms must be submitted from a Researcher Portal account. All approved applications that you are associated with as a PI or team member are accessible from the 'Applications: Post Review' link on your portal account homepage. Any project team member can submit an event form.

Please refer to the Post-review Application Management manual and/or video for guidance on how to submit an event form.

Annual Update

Complete this event form annually, prior to the expiration of your clearance, to renew your ethics clearance for another year, or to close your file if the project is completed or terminated.

Submission of an annual update is required by Article 6.14 (Continuing Research Ethics Review) of the TCPS 2. Please note that if your project was completed and/or terminated since your last update, you must still complete the update form to request closure of your file. Supervisors may complete the annual update form on behalf of a student who has graduated and/or is unable to complete the annual update form.

Amendment Request

Complete this form to request changes to an approved protocol that may raise ethical concerns. Proposed changes must be reviewed and approved by ICEHR prior to implementation.

Adverse Event Report

Complete this event form to report an adverse event or unanticipated effect.

Personnel Change Notification

Complete this event form to add and/or remove project team members to your project.

Funding and/or Partner Change Request

Complete this event form to add or change project funding and/or partners for an ongoing ethics clearance.


* If you are affiliated with Grenfell Campus please click here. If your research is (or may be) health research please click here.



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