Health Monitoring

A health monitoring program is in place to evaluate the health status of incoming animals and to assess the health status of resident populations. Routine health monitoring safeguards the biosecurity of the animals and the integrity of the research data, whether bio-inclusion or bio-exclusion is required. The program adheres to the CCAC guidelines on ensuring the well-being of research animals.

Samples are taken in-house to assess viral, parasitic, bacterial and mycoplasma pathogens common to the respective research animal species. Tests are performed in-house for parasites and by registered research-animal labs for potential pathogens including parasites.

Test results are kept on file and can be sent to institutions requesting animal shipments from Memorial researchers. Contact Animal Care Services for more details:

Health Monitoring Laboratories used:

Rodents and Rabbits: Charles River Laboratories. Parasitology is also performed in-house.

Swine: University of Guelph

Aquatic species: Newfoundland and Labrador Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture; University of Prince Edward Island



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