Course Offerings: MA in French Studies  

A selection of the following graduate courses will be offered to meet candidates’ requirements, as far as the resources of the Department will allow. Individual courses, excluding French 6900, may be offered in accelerated format outside of the regular semester of session timeframe when being delivered as part of the Summer Institute for French Teachers (SIFT).

Full academic requirements for coursework and details are listed in the University Calendar

Illustration of Course Offerings for Graduate Students

Literary Methods and Theory I
6009* Literary Methodology and Theory II
6011 General Theory of the French Language
6020 Literature and Psychoanalysis
6021 Mythocriticism
6022 History, Society, Ideology and Texts
6030 Grammar of the Text
6031 Narratology
6032 Genetic Criticism and Exegesis
6101 The Female Voice: Women's Writing and its Contribution to the Development of French and Francop Texts
6102 History of the French Language: Psychoanalytical, Ethnological or Anthropological approaches to Fr Studies
6110-19 Paraliterature and Traditional Culture
French 6156 Literature & Cinema
6900 Reading in French (open to Graduate students from other departments, not for students registered in the MA in French Studies or M.A&Ed.)

(Note: *Credit may not be obtained for both French 6008 and the former French 6006; or for both French 6009 and the former French 6006.) 

**Note:  Students interested in registering for French 6800 - Francophone literatures: Theory and practice, French 6810 - Francophone cultures: Theory and practice and/or French 6820 Youth Literature, must consult the Head of Department .


Winter 2024 Course Offerings:

Please note that course offerings are subject to change.

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