Modern Language Studies

Why major in Modern Language Studies?

Are you interested in learning more than one language and about languages in general?  Then the major in Modern Language Studies is for you.  It allows you to focus on studying a modern language of your choice while also being exposed to other languages of interest.  In addition, you will study selected foundational linguistics courses to help you deepen your understanding of language as you acquire meta-linguistic knowledge of languages in general.

What will I study?

The languages of study you can choose from include Chinese, French, German, Inuttitut, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, or any other courses designated as language study courses.  In addition, you can choose courses in Classics, Linguistics, and Philosophy.

You are also encouraged, although not required, to complete an immersion or experiential learning component throughout the course of your studies.

What will I learn?

You will acquire language skills in more than one language and an increased understanding of the nature of human language more generally.  As a result, you will improve your general and intercultural communication skills, which are highly valued in many different career sectors where people from across the globe work alongside or interact with each other.

More information:

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