Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

Complete graduation and program fulfillment requirements for all programs in the School of Graduate Studies, Memorial University, are available in the University calendar.

Students are advised to regularly consult this source for the latest academic program information.  

Future and Incoming Graduate MA (French Studies) Candidates: 

Engage in discussions with members of our Faculty and administrative team early in your academic graduate career: our team is committed to helping you succeed in your area of interest.

Networking with peers opens doors to research, teaching and academic opportunities and is a way of discussing your passion for French Studies beyond the classroom. 

Conferences, special events and research workshops offered within French and Spanish as well as through the School of Graduate Studies provide opportunities to learn about thesis writing, research integrity and French in our community. 

The value of professional relationships is part of the pathway to a successful, fulfillment academic or professional career: your MA (French Studies) is a link to those relationships and a supportive academic community. 

Current Graduate MA (French Studies) Candidates: 

We love to know what our current graduate MA (French Studies) candidates are doing on campus, in the community and around the world. 

  • Win a research award? Share with us! Your success is our success.
  • Tell us when you attend conferences and workshops in your field of study: sharing your conference experience with our undergraduate students and other graduate students 
  • Promote a culture of information sharing through positive use of the latest digital and social media: consider blogging, updating your biography or using LinkedIn for your professional curriculum vitae.