Studying in a French Milieu


At a recent meeting, the Undergraduate Waivers and Appeals Committee, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, approved the request to extend a blanket waiver to allow all students who apply to graduate in the Fall 2021, Winter 2022 and Spring 2022 graduations with a major or a minor in French to graduate without having satisfied the French milieu requirement.

Can I attend ANY Explore program to meet the requirement for the Stay in a Francophone milieu?

No, the Department of Modern Languages, Literatues and Cultures (French division) feels very strongly about the importance of the cultural experience so in order to fulfill the Work/Study Abroad requirement, you have to attend a francophone university and experience French Canadian culture outside campus.

You will get the most benefit from choosing a Quebec location and stay with a family rather than in a residence on campus. The Department normally awards 3 unspecified credits (which means that you will not get credits for a specific course but they will count towards your degree) at the first or second year level.  In order to apply for credits, you should make a formal request to have a Transfer Credit Evaluation undertaken. To do this you should complete the Application for Transfer Credit Evaluation formand submit it to the Registrar's office.

I attended an Explore program while in high school, does it count as study in a French Milieu?

No, the requirement for the stay in a Francophone Milieu has to be fulfilled between the end of your first term at Memorial University and graduation time.  Students are strongly encouraged to fulfill the requirement early in their program in order to get the greatest benefit from the immersion experience.

Do New Regulations About Study in a French Milieu Impact Me?

If program rules change after a student has entered the program (i.e. after having registered for their first second-year course in that program), the student has a choice of following either set of regulations: those in effect when they began the program OR those in effect upon graduation.