Teaching/ Supervising

Teaching Philosophy

Current Courses:

ED 6463: Relationships First: Rethinking Educational Engagement  (See:Course Info)

ED 6936: Restorative Justice and Education: Promises and Challenges

ED 3962: Social Studies in the Primary Elementary School

ED 6300: Teaching and Learning

ED 6672: Issues and trends in social studies

ED 4390: Diversity, Social Justice, Teaching and Learning

Graduate Student Supervision:

  • Bukola Boluwade (Thesis)- The Dynamics of the Learning Circle in High School: Teacher and Students in “Equal Partnership”. (Completed September 2018)
  • Omoregie Edokpayi (Thesis)- A Paradigm Shift through Talking Circle: A Narrative Study to Investigate the Impact of Restorative Justice Education on Students after Completing an Introductory Graduate Course in RJE. (Completed January 2019)
  • Courtney Clarke (Thesis)- Investigating the Use of Restorative Justice Circle Process in Individualized Education Plan Meetings. Completed January 2019
  • Margaret Pardy (Project)- Relationship Building at Sheshatshiu Innu School. (Completed September 2018)
  • Jeremy Chippet: “Expert on Drums, Could be Experter” An Ethnographic Case Study Investigating the Learning Principles Displayed in Video Gaming Among Inuit Youth. (Completed: June 2016)
  • Erin Power: “I believe in inclusion but…”: A Critical Exploration of Teacher Beliefs and Attitudes Around Inclusion (Completed: March 2015)


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