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8:30-9:00am Registration (pick up name tags) Bruneau Centre, Lower Atrium
9:00-11:00am Welcome
Steve Greene, CIO and Director of IT Services
Dr. Neil Bose, Vice-President Research

Catharyn Andersen, Special Advisor to the President on Aboriginal Affairs
We hear these words – indigenization, decolonization, reconciliation – in the workplace and in the media, but what do they mean, and how are they related to the world of IT? In the past 4 years, we have seen a marked increase in public discourse around these topics, and for good reason. This presentation will explore these issues in relation to Memorial University and its IT services, and the important role of IT services in Memorial’s Indigenization Strategy.

Update from the CIO
Steve Greene, CIO and Director of IT Services
Bruneau Centre, IIC-2001
11:00-11:30am Refreshments and Networking Bruneau Centre, Lower Atrium
11:30-12:20pm Top 5 Security Blunders of 2018
Scott Howse, IT Services
It's back!!! We had so much fun last year discussing the top 5 security meltdowns of 2017 that we figured why not continue with 2018?? Come join us for a hilarious look back at the top 5 security blunders of the past year.
Bruneau Centre, IIC-2001
Bringing the Cloud Down to Earth: computing pollution on an electronic planet
Dr. Josh Lepawsky, Department of Geography
Images and metaphors of computing, digital devices, and networked communication frequently suggest activities associated with them occur in a virtual, placeless realm somewhere outside physical reality. But such imagery is very misleading. Electronics generate a growing amount of actual pollution and waste ubiquitously, but unevenly at all points of the their existence - from mining for their metals, to manufacturing, in use, and disposal.
Arts and Administration, AA-1046
12:30-12:55pm Academic Computer Lab Sustainability Through Innovation and Cooperation
Mike Rayment, Tony Peckham, Dave Cantwell, Dave Pierce
This talk will be organized as a panel discussion presented by the members of the working group. The talk will focus on the current and ongoing innovative activities that centre around the management of computer labs and how the synergy of the working group has created a more sustainable and vibrant computing environment for our students. The talk will also provide a vision of future innovative ideas followed by a discussion session.

Bruneau Centre, IIC-2001
Using technology for safety and security on campus
Ann Marie Pickup, Dave Janes, OCRO
What's going on behind the scenes to keep our university community safe and secure? With the support of ITS, the OCRO has implemented various systems for safety and security purposes. Learn more about how areas of the university work together to report, action and monitor incidents using technology.
Arts and Administration, AA-1046
Implementing an Online Homework System for Math Courses
Beth Ann Austin, Pam Phillips, Jon Watson, CITL and Department of Mathematics
This presentation will outline the online math homework project (WebWork), the technical implementation details and integration with Brightspace, and the outcomes of the project.
Arts and Administration, AA-1043
1:00-1:30pm Lunch Bruneau Centre, Lower Atrium
1:30-2:20pm Lean on Me
Krista Godfrey, Gord Little, Memorial Libraries
Steve Greene, Alison Randell, Office of the CIO
This session will highlight lessons learned from handling an unplanned catastrophic failure, the importance of collaboration in recovery, and how to protect yourself when things go wrong even when you're sure they won't.
Bruneau Centre, IIC-2001
2:30-2:55pm Teaching and Learning Framework
Dr. Kim Myrick, CITL
This talk will introduce the renewed Teaching and Learning Framework (TLF) and begin to learn how CITL could work with IT units to implement the goals of the Framework. Two general questions will guide the presentation: What is the relationship between IT units and Teaching and Learning at Memorial? How can IT units support their relationship with Teaching and Learning with the renewed Teaching and Learning Framework?
Bruneau Centre, IIC-2001
Genesis Centre Spotlight: totaliQ
Andrew Sinclair, CEO, totaliQ
Many organizations that rely on knowledge workers struggle with the need to share and retain knowledge. This presentation describes how to implement a knowledge sharing program to help reduce the impact of employee turnover, improve project and operational productivity, and gain better visibility into an organization’s expertise.
Arts and Administration, AA-1043
3:00-3:50pm OSINT: What Does The Internet Know About You?
Mike Hopkins, IT Services
It’s easier than ever for people to post personal information online, but what information is out there and how easy is it to find? Seemingly disparate pieces of information from publicly available sources can be combined together to build a detailed, personal profile of a person you barely know. So how easy is it? Let’s find out!
Bruneau Centre, IIC-2001
Review of IT Student Satisfaction Survey
Dave Cantwell, Meaghan Malone, The Commons
This presentation will discuss the results of this year's IT Student Satisfaction Survey. The survey is intended to gauge the current student population's satisfaction with a number of IT services and help guide our decisions of where best to put resources. A panel of students will also be available to answer questions from the audience.
Arts and Administration, AA-1046
4:00-4:15pm Wrap-up
Steve Greene, CIO and Director of IT Services
Bruneau Centre, IIC-2001
4:30pm Social

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