Google Workspace

Google Workspace is a suite of cloud-based collaboration and productivity tools for students. 


Students receive a 15GB storage quota across all Google Workspace services. When students have not registered in three consecutive semesters, Google Workspace services are limited to Gmail only and data stored in services other than Gmail (e.g. Drive) will be deleted. 


Google Workspace is available to students registered within the past three semesters. Students who have not registered within the past three semesters will lose access to services within Google Workspace (other than Gmail). 


Terms and conditions of use 

  • Google Workspace is provided to students at the time of acceptance to Memorial.  
  • If a student has not registered for three consecutive semesters, they will lose access to services within Google Workspace (other than Gmail) and data will be deleted. Prior to a student’s departure from the university, it is the student’s responsibility to ensure any files they wish to keep in the Google Workspace environment (e.g. files stored in Google Drive) are moved to another storage location. If applicable, it is the student’s responsibility to manage the data when they depart in accordance with requirements defined by a research ethics review board and/or research granting agency.  
  • To comply with university policy, access to Gmail in Google Workspace will remain available for former students who continue to use the service. However, this policy is under review and may change in the future. 
  • If a student is accepted to Memorial but does not attend, the Google Workspace account will be deleted and all data will be purged (including email). 
  • If a user has not logged into their Google Workspace account in five years, the account and associated data will be deleted. 
  • Students are responsible for managing access to files they share using any Google Workspace service and for removing access when sharing is no longer required. Students are expected to exercise the utmost care when sharing files, e.g. verify spelling of names and email addresses.  
  • Storage of data for all Google Workspace services is subject to Google’s data management services. You are responsible for backing up your files if you require additional data resiliency. There is no capability to restore deleted data beyond the user-accessible facilities (e.g. versions and recycle bin) provided by Google.  
  • Students are responsible for understanding the functionality and features of Google Workspace services. Support is provided on a best effort basis.   
  • For research, students are responsible for ensuring compliance with any applicable research, data management, ethics requirements, etc.  
  • Memorial policies and procedures are to be followed when using Google Workspace.  
  • These terms are in addition to those set out by Google for responsible use of Google Workspace.  
  • Failure to adhere to these terms and conditions may lead to the removal of a student’s Google Workspace account or other remedial action.  
  • This service is available to students as a result of Memorial University’s participation in a licensing agreement with Google. If the university terminates this participation, this service will no longer be available to students.  
  • The use of this service is subject to the service agreement, terms of service and privacy policy of Google. These documents may change without notice from Memorial or Google. All students must agree to amendments to the terms of service to continue to use this service.   
  • Given that this service is operated by Google, access to this service may be suspended temporarily and without notice for reasons beyond the control of Memorial.