Microsoft Bookings

This information applies to employees who have Microsoft 365 Outlook email. If you have questions, please contact the IT Service Desk at or (709) 864-4595.

Bookings with me

Memorial faculty and staff using  can avail of the Microsoft Bookings with me feature to allow users to book time in their calendar.  

Bookings with me is a streamlined personal version of Microsoft Bookings that serves as a personal scheduling page for 1:1 in-person or virtual (via Microsoft Teams) appoinments that integrates with the free/busy information from your Outlook calendar.

Bookings with me is available to Memorial faculty and staff using Microsoft 365 Outlook.

To provide availability for office hours through a Personal Bookings Page, enabling students to book 1:1 appointments. Additionally, university staff can use a Personal Bookings Page to provide their availability to both internal and external colleagues and allow them to schedule meetings or events.

The default meeting type is a 30 minute public online meeting using Microsoft Teams. You can edit the default meeting type, add new types, and customize your availability for each type. For example, you could create a public meeting type called "Office Hours" for 15-minute meetings during specific hours on any given day. 

You can create multiple meeting types for your Personal Bookings Page. Using different meeting types allows you to customize the types of appointments you allow users to book on your calendar. Public meeting types will appear automatically on your bookings page, whereas Private meeting types will only be visible to those with a link. Important: only people within the organization will be able to book private meetings, whereas external users will be able to book public meetings.

Meeting types are configured from

To create a new meeting type, do the following:

  • Click +Create meeting type.
  • In the 'Add a title' field, type the desired name (for example, "30-Minute Office Hours" or "15-minute Catch-Up").
  • If you use 'Categories' in your outlook calendar, you can assign a category colour (optional).
  • In the 'Add a description' field, enter an appropriate description for the meeting (optional).
  • Enter a location, or toggle the 'Teams meeting' switch if it is a Teams meeting.
  • Set the desired duration. Important: Selecting Custom from the time increment drop down menu allows you to set the duration in 5-minute increments. 
  • Choose whether the meeting is 'Public or 'Private'.
  • (Optional) Under 'Schedule customization', select 'Use custom availability hours'. Use the options provided to customise your availability for this meeting type. Important: By default, bookings are based on the current availability in your calendar.
  • Click 'Advanced options' to set buffer time & lead time (if required). 
  • Click 'Save' at the top of the page to create the meeting type.

To edit or delete a meeting type

Click on the meeting and make the relevant changes.

  • Click 'Save' at the top of the screen (or click '<' at the left of the meeting name to return to the list of meetings without making changes).
  • 'Delete' - this deletes the meeting type. Important: One meeting type is required.


To enable your personal booking page, visit

  • Note: You can also get started via the Go to my booking page menu item in your Calendar on Outlook on the Web. You may customize and share your personal booking page with others. Meetings scheduled through your personal booking page will integrate directly into your own Outlook calendar.

To share your personal booking page, you can use the following options:

  • Click the 'Share' button 
  • Click 'Copy link' - Paste the link into a document, email, etc.
  • And/or click 'Share via Email', - Enter the recipient names in the "To" area, Add a message and click 'Send'.
  • And/or click 'Add to email signature'. Users with the link will be able to view all your public meeting types.


Microsoft Bookings

Bookings is a Microsoft 365 app designed for departmental or team use, that makes scheduling and managing appointments for groups of people a breeze. Bookings includes a web-based booking calendar and integrates with Outlook, giving flexibility to book in-person, or virtual appointments (via Microsoft Teams) that works best for everyone.

For managing 1:1 appointments, please see Bookings with me.

Microsoft Bookings is available to Memorial faculty and staff using Microsoft 365 Outlook.

  • A 24/7/365 online solution for booking appointments — no calls necessary.
  • Automatic email confirmations, reminders, and calendar invitations.
  • The ability to cancel or reschedule online.
  • Flexibility to choose a staff member or automatically allocate someone.
  • Synchronisation with staff outlook calendars.
  • Individual or group bookings.
  • Downloadable 120-day TSV file.
  • An easy way to add appointments to your existing Outlook calendar.
  • The option to schedule via phone or in person, you can easily add appointments to Bookings manually from a computer or on a mobile device.

Microsoft Bookings can allow people to book into their choice of time slots via a website, thereby scheduling appointments with staff members providing a service or offering appointments. The web-based scheduling page can be shared via a direct link, e.g. via email or through a link embedded within a website.

You can fully customize a Bookings calendar to fit specific need by defining appointment types and details, managing staff schedules and availability, setting business hours and customizing how appointments are scheduled. 

To request a shared booking page, email with the following information:

Reason for request
Preferred name of booking page

Following the creation of a booking page, you may add additional users, configure roles, customize the shared booking page, and modify a variety of scheduling/availability options

You can access Microsoft Bookings by logging into the Microsoft 365 portal with your MUN Login ID and password, clicking on all apps and selecting Bookings.