New cybersecurity training available to all faculty and staff

The Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) is pleased to announce its new cybersecurity training is now available to all faculty and staff.

The education sector is a prime target for threat actors due to the large volumes of personal data, intellectual property and other data assets handled by educational institutions. As we see the increasingly sophisticated phishing and social engineering attacks, this training will help employees become Memorial's greatest line of defense with regards to cybersecurity.

The training modules cover a variety of subjects that are relevant both professionally and personally, including information security, phishing, malware, ransomware and incident reporting. Modules are short, focused and informative.

The full course takes approximately 45 minutes to complete, but you do not need to complete it all in one session. A certificate will be issued upon successful completion with a minimum score of 80%. The course is available to employees through the portal under the employees tab. Employees can sign in using their Memorial login ID and password.

Please direct any questions or concerns to the OCIO IT Service Desk at 709-864-4595, or via online chat at


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