Document Manager

Document Manager is an enterprise file sharing solution (for files that are 50MB or smaller) that provides units with an opportunity to securely share information with users within and outside the university community. Document Manager is accessible through MUN Login and also offers a two-factor option (text and/or email) for Site Collections holding confidential information.

Once a Site Collection has been created, it is the requesting unit’s responsibility to add/remove users and manage the overall content. Document Manager is not meant to be an archiving solution, it is for sharing information in a timely manner to a disperse user group and/or to those who require access when outside the network. ITS will monitor the size and growth of Site Collections. If a Site Collection becomes excessively large, the Site Collection Administrator will be contacted to review the content.

Request access

Complete the Document Manager Request Form

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Additional Protection for Sharing Sensitive Information
Within Document Manager two layers of protection are offered – basic username/password login and a second factor PIN (two-factor). Two-factor is recommended if the documents being shared are sensitive/confidential in nature. Document Manager is accessible from anywhere (not just within the Memorial network) and therefore, a username/password is the primary layer of protection from the outside world. Two–factor significantly improves the security because a user not only needs to know something (username/password), they need to have something (the code sent to their phone/email) before being able to access the documents being shared. If you are unsure as to whether two-factor should be applied to your Document Manager Collection, the Information Management & Protection Office ( can assist with that determination.

Accessing Your Collection
Your document collections have been created and can be accessed via this link: Once you’ve logged in with your MUN credentials, you should see your collection(s).

Adding Users
Click on your collection and you can begin to add users and grant the appropriate level of access:
• Read Access – Ability to download/view documents
• Write Access – Read Access + ability to upload/add documents
• Administrator Access – Write Access + ability to add/remove users and update/add categories

Please note that for,, users etc. you need to add their username.

Creating and Adding Guest Accounts

Guests (i.e. users without a address) can be added to document collections but they need to create a guest MUN Login account before you can add them. Guests are added to collections using the email address used to create their guest MUN Login account.