Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based service that brings together productivity and collaboration tools to improve how people work. By combining Microsoft Office apps like Word, Excel and PowerPoint with services like Teams and OneDrive, Microsoft 365 enables Memorial users to create, share and collaborate securely. 

Memorial’s current implementation of Microsoft 365 is for faculty and staff use in university administration and research. 

Services and apps available

View the list of apps you have access to below. Then sign in to your Microsoft 365 account ( to access the apps you know and love, or explore something new. 

With 20GB of storage, you can store your files in one place, share them (even externally), and access them from any device.


Chat, manage projects,
and work on documents all in one place. 

One cross-functional notebook for all your notetaking needs.


Going from a blank page to a valuable document is easier than ever.

Take your presentation to the next level. Design presentations like a professional.

Discover and connect to data, analyze it, and visualize insights.

Helps you track information and organize work. It's simple, smart, and flexible, so you can stay on top of what matters most.


Create new plans, organize and assign tasks, share files, chat about what you're working on, and get updates on progress.

To Do
Manage, prioritize, and complete your most important tasks and activities.


Shifts logo that looks like a clock face

Whiteboard logo with a black pen making a wavy white line on a blue background

Create and track appointments and meetings.
A schedule management tool that helps you create, update, and manage schedules for your team.
A freeform, intelligent canvas where you and your team can ideate, create, and collaborate visually via the cloud.


Microsoft 365 is available to the following Memorial users: 

  • Current faculty (including ASMs, per course instructors (actively teaching), honorary research professors, professor emeriti)
  • Current staff 
  • Current students* 

Retirees, adjunct faculty, visiting scholars, professional associates, casual or part-time staff, staff on salary continuance, CNS faculty are not eligible for Microsoft 365.

*Students cannot access all Microsoft 365 services available to faculty and staff. Students can access Teams to collaborate with faculty and staff as well as download Office for personal use. The student collaboration space is Google Workspace.

Requesting features

There are apps and functionality in Microsoft 365 that are not currently available for users. Before each new application or additional functionality is made available, an evaluation of privacy and information management risk, interoperability with existing tools, impact assessment on the user community, and planning is required.​​

New applications and functionality are being rolled out continually. Priorities are established based on the benefits to the university community as well as resource availability to complete the required evaluation and to support the new functionality.​

Terms and Conditions of Use 

(last updated October 13, 2022)

  • Memorial policies and procedures are to be followed when using Microsoft 365. 
  • Memorial’s Microsoft 365 service is to be used only for the purposes of conducting the core business and functions of the university. Memorial’s Microsoft 365 is not to be used for personal use or any non-Memorial related use. 
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is required to access Microsoft 365 services. You will need to login to Microsoft 365 using MFA every 7 days as well as when you log in from a different device. 
  • Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based service. 
  • Eligible users will lose access to Microsoft 365 upon departure from the university and their data will be deleted. Prior to a user’s departure from the university, it is the user and unit’s responsibility to ensure any critical documents stored in the Microsoft 365 environment by the user are accessible by the appropriate people. It is the user’s responsibility to manage the data when they depart in accordance with university policies and, if applicable, requirements defined by a research ethics review board and/or granting agency. 
  • Users are responsible for managing access to files they share using any Microsoft 365 service and for removing access when sharing is no longer required. Users are expected to exercise the utmost care when sharing files, e.g. verify spelling of names and email addresses. 
  • Storage of data for all Microsoft 365 services is subject to Microsoft’s data management services. You are responsible for backing up your files if you require additional data resiliency. There is no capability to restore deleted data beyond the user-accessible facilities (e.g. versions and recycle bin) provided by Microsoft. Deleted files are permanently deleted from the recycle bin after 93 days. 
  • Users are responsible for understanding the functionality and features of Microsoft 365 services. Support is provided on a best effort basis.  
  • Users are responsible for understanding the service information posted on Memorial's Microsoft 365 website. In particular, users are responsible for understanding how the data they create, use or store in Microsoft 365 services is managed and for how long it will be retained.  
  • Users are responsible for consulting the Office of the CIO for the use of Microsoft 365 for highly confidential matters.  
  • Users are responsible for ensuring compliance with any applicable research, data management, ethics requirements, etc. when using the services for research. 
  • These terms are in addition to those set out by Microsoft for responsible use of the Microsoft 365 service. 
  • Failure to adhere to these terms and conditions may lead to the removal of a user’s Microsoft 365 account or other remedial action. 
  • This service is available to users as a result of Memorial University’s participation in a licensing agreement with Microsoft. If the university terminates this participation, this service will no longer be available to users. 
  • The use of this service is subject to the service agreement, terms of service and privacy policy of the vendor. These documents may change without notice from Memorial or Microsoft. All users must agree to amendments to the terms of service to continue to use this service.  
  • Given that this service is operated by Microsoft, access to this service may be suspended temporarily and without notice for reasons beyond the control of Memorial.