Indigenous Research Agreement

Memorial University’s Indigenous Research Agreement template is a tool to enhance the integrity and impact of research by responding to the principles of Indigenous ownership, control, access and possession (OCAP®) of Indigenous data.

The template exists to support researchers in their efforts to be accountable to the ways Indigenous data should be collected, protected, used and shared in partnership and in accordance with Indigenous priorities.

The template is just that—a starting point that can and must change with different contexts and needs. Memorial researchers can request use of the template when submitting contracts and applications to Research Initiatives and Services (RIS), who will work with all partners to ensure the best fit possible. Note that researchers cannot sign research agreements themselves; this will be completed by RIS.

Indigenous groups and other research institutions are welcome to use Memorial University’s Indigenous Research Agreement template as a model for their own data sovereignty needs. Please cite the template as: Office of the Vice-President (Research). (2020). “Indigenous Research Agreement.” Memorial University of Newfoundland.

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