Interdisciplinary Committee on Ethics in Human Research (ICEHR)

ICEHR reviews ethics applications from faculty, student, and staff researchers at the St. John's campus in the Faculties of Humanities and Social Sciences, Business Administration, Education, and Science; the Schools of Human Kinetics and Recreation, Music, and Social Work; other areas of the university such as the Student Wellness and Counselling Centre, and also the Marine Institute.

Applications for ethics review must be completed and submitted using the Researcher Portal. To access the portal please follow this link.

For more information about applications, required documentation, and post-approval event forms, please refer to the 'applications and forms' link on the left side of this page.

 ** COVID-19  ** Advisory 
Ethics approval for research with human participants during the pandemic is subject to the changing restrictions and requirements of the COVID-19 Research Working Group (CRWG) Framework. For details and ongoing, periodic updates, please consult

ICEHR reminds researchers that the MUN CRWG Framework stipulates that research that can be carried out remotely will continue to be done remotely; and researchers are asked to request to carry out on-campus research activity, fieldwork, or face-to-face interactions with research participants only if absolutely necessary.

Researchers with approved ICEHR protocols involving in-person, fieldwork, and/or on-campus research must abide by the restrictions and requirements of the currently stipulated Level of the CRWG Framework. Otherwise, researchers with approved ICEHR protocols must modify their recruitment and data collection to use remote rather than in-person methods, or suspend the activity until in-person research is permitted to resume. Researchers who opt to replace in-person interactions with remote communication must first submit an ICEHR amendment request, to be reviewed and approved before proceeding.

Similarly, researchers who have submitted new ICEHR applications or amendment requests for revised protocols involving in-person, fieldwork, and/or on-campus research will not receive ICEHR approval unless / until they obtain any permissions required under the currently stipulated Level of the CRWG Framework process, and a copy of the request forms and approvals is provided to ICEHR. Otherwise, only projects being conducted remotely will be granted ICEHR approval.

In these exceptional circumstances, the considerations and pressures around the ethical conduct of research involving humans are complex and continually evolving. ICEHR encourages researchers to consult guidance provided by the Interagency Advisory Panel on Research Ethics (PRE) at

Other Research Ethics Boards

If you are not affiliated with Memorial's St. John's campus or the Marine Institute, you may need to consult with the Health Research Ethics Authority (HREA) to determine if your research may be health-related, or the Grenfell Campus Research Ethics Board (GC-REB), if you are affiliated with Memorial's Grenfell Campus in Corner Brook. 



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