Condensed Matter Theory

Numerical and analytic calculations of magnetic systems, superconductors, polymers, carbon nanostructures, the glass transition and dynamics in supercooled liquids.

Research Groups

  • S. H. Curnoe
    Interplay between electronic and crystalline structure, orbital and magnetic ordering, and superconductivity in heavy fermion and other strongly correlated systems. Magnetic oscillations. Simulations of ferroelastic materials.
  • M. Evstigneev
    Non-equilibrium statistical physics, stochastic processes, nanoscale tribology, voltaics.
  • J. B. Lagowski
    Optical and electronic properties of conducting polymers and oligomers.
  • J.P.F. LeBlanc
    Spin and Charge and Superconducting correlations in strongly correlated electron systems.
  • J. Lewis
    Interaction-induced spectroscopy of dense fluids and of adsorbates in carbon nanostructures.
  • M. Plumer
    Phase transitions in frustrated magnetic systems. Ferromagnetic states of thin films.
  • I. Saika-Voivod
    The glass transition and dynamics in supercooled liquids.
  • S. Wallin
    Folding, interaction and aggregation of proteins. Models and conformational sampling techniques for biomolecular simulation.
  • J. P. Whitehead
    Lipids, magnetism.