Where are our alumni now?

Where has physics taken you? Let us know!

MUN Physics & Physical Oceanography alums form a global network with diverse career paths. We're always happy to hear from former students and researchers. Visit us on LinkedIn through Memorial University to network with other MUN physics alumni. Help us publicize the good things that you do!

Science outreach across Canada

Holly Baker is a regional coordinator for Let's Talk Science, which provides science outreach across the country. Read more about Holly's love of physics and science outreach in her biography for Science Atlantic's Outstanding Alumna 2015

Entrepreneurial physics

A group of MUN alumni turned entrepreneurs, including physicist Robert Boyd, didn’t have to look far for inspiration for their latest product. Seaformatics Systems Inc. developed is set to revolutionize how outdoor adventurers stay connected to wireless devices. The St. John’s-based startup with roots at Memorial has also developed a hand-held water turbine, allowing people to charge electronic devices with water and wind.  Read the full story here.