The Department of Physics and Physical Oceanography maintains and accesses many research facilities:


The Department is a member of the Atlantic Computational Excellence Network for high performance computing and hosts several multi-processor machines locally. Facilities at other regional universities, including the University of New Brunswick, Saint Mary's University and St. Francis Xavier University are linked by ACEnet's "Access Grid".

Bonne Bay Marine Station

The Ocean Observatory at the Bonne Bay Marine Station includes an underwater station for the observation of water properties and marine ecology. The Bonne Bay Marine Station is operated by Memorial University and the Gros Morne-Co-operating Association.

Condensed matter experimental techniques and in-house equipment

Techniques used span Brillouin, Raman and femtosecond laser spectroscopy, ultrasonic spectroscopy, wideline and pulse-field gradient nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy and imaging, and scanning probe and laser-scanning confocal microscopies, in addition to electrodeposition, magnetometry, as well as several other materials characterization techniques available on campus.

Oceanographic Equipment

The Physical Oceanography group has a wide range of instrumentation including the usual things like CTD's, doppler current meters and acoustic releases. We do also have more exotic instruments like a turbulence shear probe, a NuShuttle towed body, a BioSonics multi-frequency system, Webb gliders and a cabled ocean observatory (in Bonne Bay). We also have reasonable computing resources including a homemade Beowulf cluster and SUN and SGI workstations.

CREAIT network and other facilities

The Core Research Equipment And Instrument Training Network is a University facility which maintains and operates multi-user equipment such as the Microanalysis Facility, C-CART (including the NMR Facility) and the Visualization Facility. Individuals seeking more information about the core research equipment available at Memorial University or the CREAIT Network should contact the Director, David Miller.The scanning electron microscope and Raman micro-spectroscope facilities are in the Biology department and part of the CCART Bio-molecular Imaging Cluster (contact Dr. Liqiu Men).

Machine Shops

The Department maintains its own mechanical and electronic workshops. Joe Murphy is the machinist.

Department of Technical Servcies

Located close at hand right in the Chemistry-Physics Building, the Department of Technical Services provides more comprehensive services including machining, welding, sheet metal forming, and electronic and glass workshops.