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General Office

Chemistry Physics Building: C3005
Fax: (709) 864-8739
Location: 283 Prince Philip Drive near the intersection of Prince Philip Drive and Morrisey Avenue

Official Mailing Address

Department of Physics and Physical Oceanography
Memorial University of Newfoundland
St. John's, NL A1B 3X7

Essential Contacts

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Department Head

Dr. L. Zedel
Phone: 864-8738
Office: C3000/C4066
Email:physicshead @ mun . ca


Deputy Head, Graduate Studies

Dr. E. Demirov
Phone: 864-8834
Office: C4051
Email: GradPhysicsInfo @ mun . ca


Undergraduate Studies Academic Program Officer

Dr. R. Goulding
Phone: 864-6111
Office: C3004
Email:rgoulding @ mun . ca


Financial, Purchasing, 
Research Accounts, and Human Resources

Lisa O'Brien
Phone: 864-8737
Office: C3005C
Email: physicsadmin @ mun . ca


General Inquiries and Undergraduate

Maureen Wade
Phone: 864-8735
Office: C3005
Email: physics @ mun . ca


Head's Secretary, Graduate, and Travel Claims

Donna Coombs
Phone: 864-8738
Office: C3000
Email: physicssec @ mun . ca


Computer Support

Mr. J. Jerrett
Phone: 864 - 8899
Office: C2034
Email: jjerrett @ mun . ca


Computer Support

Mr. F. Perry
Phone: 864-4572
Office: C3016
Email: fred @ mun . ca


Computer Support

Mr. C. Stevenson
Phone: 864-2624
Office: C4063
Email: csteven @ mun . ca