Graduate Research Supervisors and Research Areas

Physics - Experiment

Dr. Todd Andrews
laser spectroscopy studies of collective excitations in artificially-structured materials, biological systems, and those exhibiting unconventional dimensionality; light-hypersound interaction.

Dr. Luc Beaulieu
reproducibility of cantilever sensors; development of cantilever sensors for detecting heavy metals in fresh water.

Dr. Valerie Booth
biophysics; proteins; lipids; solution NMR; solid state NMR, lung surfactant, Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome; antimicrobial resistance.

Dr. Qiying Chen
ultrafast nano-photonics and laser applications; interactions of lasers and materials with temporal resolution of femtoseconds and spatial resolution of nanometers and their interdisciplinary applications.

Dr. Alison Malcolm
laboratory and computational geophysics: wave propagation, non-linear wave interactions, seismic imaging, subsurface characterization; medical imaging; uncertainty quantification and inverse problems.

Dr. Michael Morrow
soft condensed matter (microgel colloids), biophysics (lipid protein interactions relevant to lung surfactant and antimicrobial peptide activity), and biological materials (lipid bilayers and bilayered micelle phase behaviour).

Dr. Kris Poduska
structural and physical properties of naturally occurring and lab-synthesized materials. Applications in nanoscience, semiconductor physics, archaeology, geoscience, biomineralization, sensors, coatings, medical materials.

Dr. Anand Yethiraj
physics of soft materials; dynamics of self-assembly in colloids and emulsions; dynamics of macromolecules in cell-like environments. Experimental techniques used: confocal microscopy, pulsed-gradient NMR and rheology.

Physics - Theory and Computation

  Dr. Aleksandrs Aleksejevs
theoretical nuclear and particle physics, hadron structure and strong interactions, physics beyond the Standard Model, dark matter.

Dr. Svetlana Barknova
particle physics; search for physics beyond the Standard model.

Dr. Ivan Booth
general relativity, black hole physics, geometry and dynamics of black hole horizons, gravitational energy and angular momentum, fluid-gravity duality.

Dr. Stephanie Curnoe
theory of electronic, magnetic and structural properties of quantum materials such as frustrated magnets, unconventional superconductors or topological materials.

Dr. Mykhaylo Evstigneev
nonequilibrium processes in solids, stochastic dynamics, surface science, atomic friction, solar cells, betavoltaics.

Dr. Jolanta Lagowski
electronic, optical and charge transport properties of organic semiconductors using density functional theory: conjugated polymers, fullerenes, nanotubes with applications to solar cells, and light-emitting diodes.

James LeBlanc Dr. James LeBlanc
correlated electron systems, computational Monte Carlo methods to study the interplay between spin and charge dynamics of quantum materials such as graphene and high-temperature superconductors.

Dr. Ivan Saika-Voivod
molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo computer simulations to study simple, network-forming and colloidal liquids, with a focus on crystal nucleation, glassy dynamics and phase diagrams.

Dr. Stefan Wallin
development of techniques for biomolecular simulation and their applications in biophysics: protein folding, interactions, flexible proteins, molecular evolution.

Physical Oceanography - Field Measurements, Modelling and Experiment

Dr. Iakov Afanassiev (Yakov Afanasyev)
oceanic and atmospheric fluid dynamics using laboratory experiments and numerical simulations.

Dr. Entcho Demirov
mathematical modeling of regional climate of Subpolar North Atlantic Ocean and Atlantic Canada, including model development and model studies of Subarctic climate.

Dr. Brad de Young
ocean dynamics of the North Atlantic including ocean observations, ocean ecosystems, climate change, ice-ocean interactions and circulation and biophysical modelling.

Dr. James Munroe
internal waves and ocean mixing using stratified fluid dynamics experiments, numerical models, and data science applied to oceanographic datasets.

Dr. Lev Tarasov
Earth systems dynamics in a glacial context with coupled ice sheet/Earth/climate models, uncertainty quantification in modelling, and reconstruction of past ice sheet evolution.

Dr. Len Zedel
application of acoustic systems to oceanographic measurements. Areas of development include: Doppler sonar for turbulence and for fisheries applications, and natural sources of underwater sound.