Expenses and Funding

You will be surprised at how affordable the Master of Music program is. We offer a combination of low costs and generous graduate student funding. The School of Graduate Studies (SGS) has compiled a handy summary of minimum expenses for graduate students. SGS also offers a generous program of baseline fellowships for students in the Master of Music degree. Eligible students admitted to the program will receive fellowship support sufficient to cover full tuition plus a stipend. Master of Music students are also eligible to compete for prestigious fellowships that are open to graduate students across the university.

In addition, the School of Music offers opportunities for teaching and other graduate assistantships. Graduate students with appropriate qualifications may be offered the opportunity to teach undergraduate courses in basic theory and musicianship, instrumental techniques, keyboard proficiency and other general musical skills. Assistantships are also available for performance in some of our ensembles, accompaniment (opera workshop) and conducting.