Admission Guidelines


Applicants to the Master of Music program normally hold a Bachelor of Music or equivalent from a recognized university or conservatory. Preference will be given to applicants who hold first class standing in their undergraduate program.

Applicants to the Master of Music program should should follow application instructions provided by the School of Graduate Studies. Find additional information for international applicants here.

All Master of Music applicants are required to perform an audition.  Find audition repertoire requirements here.

Master of Music applicants are required to pay the School of Music Application Fee of $40. The fee is in addition to any general admission/readmission fees that may apply. The fee is non-refundable/non-transferable and will be charged upon submission of this application.

Click here for application and audition deadlines.



Requirements for Performance & Performance/Pedagogy

Applicants applying for admission for fall 2022 for the Performance and Performance/Pedagogy streams of the Master of Music degree program may choose to perform a live audition or submit a video recorded audition. (Audition videos should be of professional calibre.)

Find audition dates, locations, and deadlines HERE.

Your program should display a range of performance styles and repertoire. All candidates are encouraged to include some repertoire composed within the last fifty years. Chamber music may be included up to a maximum of either 25% of the total audition time or one work as part of a balanced and varied audition program.

Click here for instructions on how to record and submit your audition video.



Requirements for Conducting

Applicants should submit the best, most recent video of their work as a conductor, adhering as closely as possible to the requirements below. Please do not put yourself or others at risk to create a new video for submission. In order to demonstrate your abilities and musicianship, you may wish to also submit video material of a performance in which you play your instrument or sing.

The video should be approximately 15-20 minutes in length and, if possible, consist of a rehearsal and performance. (The performance portion of the video can be a complete run through in a rehearsal setting.) The video must show the conductor from a frontal point of view for at least portion of the recording, preferably the rehearsal portion. The recording should ideally include music of different styles and style periods. For those interested in pursuing the Combined Conducting program, the video should consist of a choral work and an instrumental work.

Applicants are also asked to submit a list of recent and relevant conducting experiences.

Once School of Music faculty have reviewed the videos, they will extend invitations to select applicants to participate in interviews with the conducting faculty held on video conference (date TBD).

If you have questions about the application process, contact