Awards and scholarships

Scholarship Standing

Scholarship standing for graduate students is defined as a credit-weighted average of at least 75% in the last two years (full-time equivalent). A full year is taken as two full-time undergraduate semesters or three full-time graduate semesters, with two part-time semesters being equivalent to one full-time semester. Students who fail one or more courses in the most recent full-time equivalent year will not be eligible for scholarships. Scholarship applicants who are full-time students can work a maximum of 24 hours per week. Scholarship applicants who are part-time students can work more than 24 hours per week. Note that these criteria are used to determine eligibility only, and not all students who meet these criteria will receive a scholarship. If the terms of reference of a particular scholarship are in conflict with any of these criteria, the scholarship’s terms shall supersede.

Scholarship Opportunities

Explore the wide variety of scholarships and merit based awards available to Graduate students at Memorial University. Explore the many opportunities or try our searchable database for awards & scholarships that are tailored to your qualifications.