Gamelan Sagara Asih

Our newest ensemble, Gamelan Sagara Asih was given an official naming ceremony in spring 2013. Gamelan is the classical music of Indonesia and ours is a Sundanese gamelan from Western Java. The ensemble includes xylophone type instruments, inverted pots and gongs all encased in gorgeous frames with carved golden dragons. Stringed instruments, flutes and drums round out the ensemble. It was specially made for the School of Music by master artisan Tentrem Sarwanto and tuned to replicate another famous Sundanese gamelan, Toronto’s Evergreen Club Gamelan.

We’re fortunate to have a member of that group, Bill Brennan, as our resident expert and we look forward to playing a wide range of traditional and contemporary music for Sundanese Gamelan. What’s in a name? Gamelans are named after the special features of the place they live. Sagara means harbour, a safe haven, and refers to the beautiful St. John’s harbor. Asih refers to a spiritual kind of love and also recognizes the donation by Rita Love that made it possible for us to purchase the instruments. If you are interested in auditioning for Gamelan Sagara Asih contact the School of Music at 709-864-7486 or

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