Undergraduate Degrees

Bachelor of Music with majors in:

  • Composition
  • Comprehensive (for students interested in pursuing further studies in music education)
  • Musicologies (music history and ethnomusicology)
  • Performance
  • Joint Major in Music Performance and Musicologies
  • Major in Music Performance with Minor in Composition
  • General Musical Studies (with an optional minor from a discipline other than music)
  • Minor in Jazz Studies (may be paired with Composition, General, or Performance majors)

Joint Degrees in Music (B.Mus) and Business Administration (B.B.A)

  • Join Canada‚Äôs first university-level comprehensive, integrated program in both music and business. Students earn two degrees in this 5-year program.
  • This joint degrees program is designed to give students the musicianship, knowledge, skills and business acumen they need to forge their careers in music and further afield.

Graduate Degrees

Master of Music:

  • Performance
  • Performance/pedagogy
  • Conducting

M.A. and Ph.D.:

  • Ethnomusicology


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