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Editor: Steve Wolinetz           

Co-Editor: Bernadette Power

Production Manager: Mark Graesser

Tell us how we are doing with your newsletter... we always welcome your reviews.

Quill and computer inkwell

Help Needed: one or two intrepid reporters, columnists or interviewers willing to write something now and then for Your Voice.

I already have one project in mind: interviewing one or two of our friends and colleagues about what they have been doing since retiring.

If you worked on your high school or university newspaper or have a hankering to let loose your inner journalist, please drop a note to and give it a try. It's fun and it beats work anytime.


From the Editor (September 2017)

Just a quick note to say hello: I’ve taken over as editor of Your Voice. I hope to make it a lively and more frequent publication than in the past. However, I can't do it alone. My predecessor, Peter Fisher, did yeoman service but was always scraping the barrel to find sufficient copy.

Entitled Your Voice, this newsletter is supposed to be the voice of our members rather than a house organ serving as the mouthpiece of the Board of Directors. To be sure, it is that when we have something that we need to tell you, but it can provide space for members to share tips about travel, things to do, ideas, or even a bit of poetry. If there is interest, we can set up a few rubrics to which you can contribute. Here are a few examples:

Members’ corner, for thoughts on life and times and the strange period in which we live
Travel tips for suggestions on travel – e.g. groups or firms organizing small group travel, cruises, etc.
Out and about: Things to do in and around St. John’s or Corner Brook
Volunteering: Who needs help and ways we can provide it

Needless to say, what we are looking for are short pieces – no more than 50-100 words. If you have thoughts or ideas about any of these or other areas, please let me know about them. We’ve set up dedicated e-mail account for that,

Steve Wolinetz





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