Converting Outlook Express from POP to IMAP.

Step 1. Click Tools, Accounts, click the Mail tab, click Remove on the right hand side of the screen. Note: This will not delete your email, it will simply remove settings.

Step 2. Click Yes to delete the account and click Close.

Step 3. Now you will need to setup your IMAP account. Click Tools, Accounts, click the Mail tab, click Add at the right side of the screen, click Mail.

Step 4. Now you will have to go through the process of setting up the IMAP account. Type your name, click Next.

Step 5. Type your email address, click Next.

Step 6. Select IMAP from the drop down box (My incoming mail server is a). Type the incoming server name as, the outgoing server name as and then click Next.
Please note: if you are using an internet service provider other than MUN, then you will need to ask your Internet Service Provider for the proper SMTP settings for your e-mail.

Step 7. Type your Account name and password (only enter your password if you want Outlook Express to remember it and not prompt for it every time.) click Next.

Step 8. Now click Finish.

Step 9. You will be asked if you would like to download folders from the mail server, click Yes.

Step 10. Select the folders you wish to have shown under the account on the left side of your screen under Folders, click Go to. You will need to do this for each of the folders that you want to have visible in your list of folders. With IMAP setup, your e-mail and e-mail folders under the header should look exactly the same as your e-mail and e-mail folders in Webmail or pine. It is recommended that you delete unnecessary e-mail since there are quota limitations for your e-mail account, or move e-mail from the folders to your Local Folders These folders are only available on your personal computer, and will not sync with Webmail.


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