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2018-2019 Winter Semester Graduate Registration begins November 23, 2018 at 7:00 am NL time.

Please see the following Regulation Change Notification before registering for courses.

Important notes for Education Graduate Students

Add your name to the graduate listserv at for important information, news items and announcements. 

Note:  To subscribe to the gradsociety listserv, send an e-mail (with a blank subject) to containing just the following: 

subscribe gradsociety Firstname Lastname

Please review ALL points listed below regarding registration to make registration efficient and hassle free. Please contact the Faculty of Education, Office of Academic Programs with any questions or concerns.

For new incoming students please visit and review the School of Graduate Studies Guide for New Graduate Students.


Course offerings are posted above. This list includes the CRNs, instructors, times, etc. This listing will provide you with course reference numbers (CRN#), instructors, class times, etc. Under the CRN number you will see acronyms for the programs like EDLS, DELS, CTLS, CP, IT, PSS, DPSS. Those courses are restricted to program groups and students in those particular groups are given priority. When selecting courses please ensure the course is not restricted to another program group. This list is updated regularly. The Registrar’s Office will update their list as well; therefore, if you have already selected courses from the current list you must double check the schedule as the courses/times/CRNs may have changed.


Check your financial account via the Memorial Self-Service and ensure any outstanding fees from previous semesters are paid in full so it does not prevent you from registering. Late fees from previous semesters have sometimes been added to accounts after fees have been paid; therefore, it is important for everyone to check their account. Any questions or concerns can be directed to the Cashier's Office.

Full-/Part-time Status

As per Regulation 3.3. 8 Graduate Student, status as a grad student is not determined by the number of courses one registers for, but rather employment. If you are working more than 24 hours/week outside of your program, then you are considered part time.

As per Calendar Regulation 12.2 Program of Study, a student on part-time status can register for a maximum of 3 credit hours (1 course) and in the fall and winter semesters and a maximum of 6 credit hours (2 courses) in the Intersession/Spring/Summer session. A student on full-time status can register for a maximum of 12 credit hours (4 courses). All full-time students are charged health and dental fees. If you already have coverage and wish to opt out of these fees, you have to complete the appropriate form available on the GSU website and submit it to the GSU office with any supporting documentation before their noted deadline; otherwise, you will be responsible for the health and dental fees.

A Change of Status form needs to be submitted prior to registration to change from part-time to full-time or vise versa (if switching to full-time, confirmation that not employed full-time is required). Please be advised that changing your status remains at that status until you change back using the same method.


Registration will begin at 7:00 a.m., (NL time) on Registration day (Please see University Calendar Diary). Please register at this time as most courses, particularly distance courses, will fill up almost immediately. If you encounter any difficulties with registering please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Most situations do tend to sort themselves out within a few days. We cannot pre-register students for courses. Before exiting the registration system ensure you are either registered or waitlisted for the appropriate course(s).

Students are only permitted to take the courses outlined on their Program of Study.

ED9000 or EFLC9000

If you are returning from a leave of absence OR if you are a new student, you must register for Ed 9000 (M.Ed program) or EFLC9000 (MA/Ed) as well as your course(s). This is not a course it merely identifies you as a Graduate student in the Memorial University computer system. By not registering for this, you risk being terminated from the master’s program or risk being unable register for subsequent semesters.


If you try to register for a course but it is full and the system indicates you can waitlist, ensure you press the submit changes button a second time. The registration system does not automatically waitlist you for a course. The first time you are notified, the system is merely letting you know where you might be placed on the waitlist – you have to press the submit changes button to confirm you want to waitlist for that particular course.

Registration Waivers Required for the following

If you are interested in registering for either of the following courses, please email us with your request. If space permits, a waiver will be processed so you can register online. You can review the schedule on our website for times and instructors.

  • Education 6394 (When offered)– Biographical Explorations of Teaching and Learning (an alternate exit course for curriculum students).
  • Education 6709 (When offered) – Assessment of Intelligence and learning Skills (Students must have the prerequisite 6707 completed and must have 24 credit hours completed).
  • Exit Course: Ed 6290/6390/6590/6890 (6x90) is completed as the 10th course on your program. Although it is not indicated as a distance course, 6x90 is offered via distance (Brightspace) every semester and there is no cap on enrolment. Please note this is a demanding course and the deadlines set forth in the course schedule should be strictly adhered to. If you experience difficulty in registering for this course, please notify us so a waiver can be processed.
  • 6291/6292/6293/6391/6392/6393/6891/6720 (Internship, Project, Paperfolio) is undertaken after the completion of all course work. Please contact us for registration instructions.
  • CBU Courses: These courses are listed as part of our full list of course offerings. If you want to register for a CBU course, contact us immediately as space is limited to 12 seats per course. These courses are restricted to M.Ed. (Educational Technology) students.
  • Cohorts: These courses are listed as part of our full list of course offerings. Waivers will be processed so the students in these cohorts can register using the online registration system.

E-mail correspondence

Memorial University’s policy requires that all emails sent from the University be sent to a Memorial University account ( for on program students. Please set up and regularly check your Memorial e-mail account. Using other e-mail accounts may cause a delay in a response. Be sure to include your full name and student number in the text of the email.

Reminder: Please include your MUN student number on all correspondence.

Special Permission Requests

Special Permission requests (Teacher Certification Registration, Outside Master’s Students):

Special Permission is granted to non-program students who have a Master’s completed or in-progress. Such requests will not be considered until the start of classes each semester. Please email us for more information.

Your attention to these matters is very much appreciated.

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