IT Services for Students

Fall 2020

MUN Login (Single Sign On)

The username and password that you set up for your MUN Login account when you received your acceptance letter can be used to access a variety of services at the university. Any services below that require a username and password use that same account.


@Memorial is available throughout the St. John’s and Marine Institute campuses should you need to visit it during the fall semester. To set it up, simply select the @Memorial network and use your MUN Login username and password to connect. Keep in mind that using @Memorial will give you faster speeds day than the guest network and doesn’t require you to sign in every day so it is worth the extra step!

E-mail / Collaboration Tools

During your account set up you created your e-mail address. You can access this at any time by going to You also have access to a number of other Google Apps for Education that you can use to help with your course work. is your launching point for IT services at Memorial. From there you can access a wide variety of services including used books, accessing your grades, registering for courses and more.

Memorial Apps Store

There are a number of apps that you can add to your phone that let you access your schedule, final grades, campus closures and more. To see what apps are available please visit the Memorial Apps Store.

Software Downloads

To help with your remote studies, you can install a number of applications on your home computer including Microsoft Office 365, SPSS, MatLab and ArcGIS. All of these can be downloaded by visiting and following the instructions provided.

Computer Labs

There are currently two on-campus labs available to students for the fall semester. There is one in the Chemistry/Physics building (CP2003) that has a black and white printer available. There is also one in the Engineering Building (EN3000), but this does not have a printer. Keep in mind that those rooms have limited capacity due to COVID19 restrictions. Your MUN Login account can be used to access the computers in these labs.

The Commons

The Commons is located in the QEII Library and home to a wide variety of IT Services including a large computer lab, digital media centre and MakerSpace. During the fall semester, some of the services available through the Commons are being made available remotely. This includes our workshops and one-on-one tutoring. For more information please visit